Dreams Do Come True

  • Are you writhing from seeing your dreams deferred again?
  • Are you afraid to dream and risk another disappointment?
  • Are you worn out hold on to a dream?
  • Is your dream consistent with God’s call on your life?

Dreams Do Come True provides Biblical truths to help you see your dreams come true.  The teaching encompasses 13 series on four DVD’s.  Each will show you the steps to see your dreams come true.

  1. Introduction
  2. Make God’s Word Your Priority
  3. The Holy Spirit
  4. Knowing God’s Purpose for Your Life
  5. Love
  6. Faith – Part A
  7. Faith – Part B
  8. Grace
  9. Trials
  10. Asking God
  11. Confession
  12. Thankfulness, Stewardship & Work
  13. Timing

Type:  DVD

Price:  $40.00


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