Helping People Prosper

This is done by illuminating Biblical Business principles and Spiritual truths to the saved & unsaved. The saved often need and are taught Business principles like Thinking Big, Integrity, Discipline, Time Management, Goal Setting, Business Plans, Debt, Time Value of Money, Patience, Personal Responsibility and other truths about Prosperity. The unsaved need and are taught about Salvation, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Faith, Rights as a Believer, Integrity, Giving, Walking in Love and other truths that bring God’s blessings without sorrow.

Real Estate Solutions

Providing Real Estate solutions We help build the Body of Christ spiritually and physically with land, bricks and sticks. Since receiving in 1981 his B.S. degree in Business with a Real Estate major from Indiana University, stan has been a Real Estate Professional. The Lord instructed stan in 2002, after paying off his first house, to stay active in real estate, not exclusively teach, and apply his accumulated knowledge as an Investor, Broker and Developer to assist the Body of Christ resolve their Real Estate challenges. Testimonials

Influencing the Affluent

Winning the affluent to Christ. Matching resources with needs.

The church largely appeals to only the financially hurting and offers little for the affluent. Many affluent people are outside the church. When a Believer is affluent they are often in the company of others of affluence, because they like their company and not to get something from them.. This opens the door for honest communication and the Gospel to be presented to this small but powerful segment of society.

The affluent, both saved and unsaved, are sensitive to the human condition but unadvised as to which charitable entity will produced the best results and be consistent with their personal passions. They want their money to go to entities that can do the most good. After all that is often why they have money. The affluent, whether saved or not, are skeptical of the stereotypical financial plea. When a Donor requests this service, we seek to match resources with entities that are competently organized, efficiently implemented, operated at the highest level of integrity while providing documentation that the gift was deployed as represented. Prospering in Life doesn’t accept contributions when asked by the Donor to match provision with needs.