The Movie ‘The Edge’ and the Holy Spirit

The Holy SpiritIn the Bible the Holy Spirit is represented by various symbols.  Some of those symbols are fire, water and a dove.  Recently while praying the image of fire came to mind and the symbolism’s that it presents relative to the movie The Edge.

In the movie ‘The Edge’ Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin are being hunted by a grizzly bear that has mauled two of their friends that also survived a plane crash.  This bear now has a thirst for human flesh and is a worthy predator.  This sounds very symbolic also of our adversary the devil, John 10:10.

In the movie Hopkins and Baldwin would build a fire and then using the fire they started to progressively build a fire perimeter around them at night.  This perimeter of fire kept the predator at bay, though the predator did remain on the perimeter, he would not cross that perimeter.  So it is with the Holy Spirit in our life.  The Holy Spirit acts as a hedge of protection, a perimeter of fire if you will, hedging the enemy away from us so that he cannot enter our internal camp.  The grizzly, though a ferocious man eater, could not solve the riddle of fire just as satan cannot solve the riddle of wisdom and protection provided to us by the blood of the Lamb and the Holy Spirit.

Additionally, Hopkins and Baldwin would also use the fire first created in the heart of the camp thus inside the perimeter of protection to keep them warm at night and to prepare the game that they would catch.  So it is when the Holy Spirit resides inside our hearts; he keeps us warm, prepares the blessings God provides for us, and gives us peace

So, the Holy Spirit is both our protection against predators and source of heat, peace and wisdom to enjoy the blessings God gives us  Remember what Hopkins says to Baldwin when Baldwin questions if they can make it out alive, ‘What one man can do another man can do.’  Keep the Holy Ghost fire stoked inside your heart and protecting your perimeter!