photo (1)Blue masking tape is often placed on a floor where walls are going to be built inside a building to give people a feel of how the room will look before the walls are erected.  The blue tape lines on the floor of the space are lines that once the walls are built can’t be crossed.  When it comes to God, what lines are you not willing to cross?

What part of you are you holding back, that you’re comfortable not surrendering to God?  What is it you would not do if God asked you to do it?  Is it:

  • A sum of money
  • A portion of your day
  • An act of service
  • A people group you won’t talk too
  • A food you won’t stop eating; e.g.: sugar, ice cream, cookies
  • A person you won’t forgive
  • An unwillingness to speak an inspired word to a complete stranger
  • An unwillingness to pray for healing

Many of us have become ‘Comfortable Christians.’  We’ve been saved for years, love God, and pursue time with Him and in His Word.  We’ve eliminated the obvious disobedience but deep inside hold on to inhibitions or fears, that without us even knowing, hold us back from allowing God to do even greater things through us, Psalms 19:13.  We’ve heard God tells us to do something but doing it is so frightening to us that we don’t execute the request for many reasons the root of which is fear; fear of lack, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear that it isn’t really God prompting us, etc.

Many think their behavior precludes them from doing the miraculous.  They say, after all, I am just a                                     .  Your future doesn’t pivot on your behavior being infallible, but it does pivot on your willingness to cross the line.  To prove this point just look at:

  • Abraham who was an astrologer and who also lied twice about his wife Sarai being his sister.  God asked him to cross the line of sacrificing his only son Isaac.  He crossed it and became the father of faith.
  • David, an adulterer and murderer, who nevertheless God used mightily and through whose lineage God brought Christ into the earth.
  • Rahab, a prostitute, who God used to hide the 2 Jewish men sent that spied on Jericho.  God asked Rahab to cross a line and she not only saved her whole family from total annihilation but her lineage was then also used to bring Christ into the earth.
  • Gideon is yet another example.  He was man who, for good reason, was filled with fear.  God asked him to cross a line and with 300 men took back his nation.

Our behavior doesn’t have to be good enough to do the miraculous.  None of these people were perfect, but all of them were all in!

What is it you won’t do?  Just like the size of a gift isn’t measured by the amount given, rather by the amount the giver has left, like the widow’s mite, our level of commitment to God isn’t measured by what we have done, but by what we won’t do.  What is it you won’t do for God?  As Comfortable Christians we often measure our love for God by what we have done.  Perhaps we should evaluate the depth of our walk with God by what we WON’T do.